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 Mona Fandey, was a pop singer, witch doctor, and a murderess from Malaysia. She was executed on November 2, 2001 at the age of 45, after being convicted of the murder of a politician, Mazlan Idris, in 1993.After leaving the music business, she became involved in spiritual witchcraft activities and was known to be a bomoh, a local shaman. She began offering her services to clients, mostly from the upper-class society. She also claimed to have provided politician clients in the ruling party with a variety of charms and talismans.


July 2, 1993: Mazlan was last seen at the Raub Umno division office about
10pm together with Affendy, Mona Fandey and their daughter Mazdiana.

July 18, 1993: Former Raub Umno division head Datuk Mohamed Zuki Kamaluddin
lodged a report at Raub police station on Mazlan's disappearance after he
failed to turn up for several official functions since July 3.

July 19, 1993: Mazlan's wife, Datin Faridah Zainuddin, lodged a missing
person report at the Kuantan police station.

July 20, 1993: Arrest of Affendy and Mona Fandey at the Wangsa Maju police
station in Kuala Lumpur.

July 21, 1993: Police began searching for Mazlan's body in Kampung Peruas,
Ulu Dong, Raub, accompanied by Affendy.

July 22, 1993 (3.20am): Mazlan's body, cut into 18 parts, was recovered
buried inside a store in an unnumbered house under construction on his plot
of land at a Felcra scheme in Ulu Dong, about 45km from Raub.

July 23, 1993 (10.20am): Juraimi was arrested at the Raub police station.

Aug 2, 1993: Affendy, Mona Fandey and Juraimi were tentatively charged in
the Raub magistrates court with the murder of Mazlan. They were taken into
court at 4.15pm through a crowd of 2,000 which had gathered outside as early
as 8am.

Oct 26, 1993: Preliminary inquiry began in the Raub magistrate's court
before Sessions Court judge Jalaluddin Salleh sitting as magistrate.

Dec 18, 1993: Affendy, Mona Fandey and Juraimi committed to stand trial in
the High Court. Seventy witnesses had testified and 295 exhibits tendered
during the preliminary inquiry which lasted 17 days.

Sept 12, 1994: High Court trial began before Judge Datuk Mokhtar Sidin in
Temerloh. All three pleaded not guilty.

Sept 13, 1994: DPP Zakaria Sam made his opening statement. He said that
Mazlan was trapped and murdered by Mona Fandey, her husband and their
assistant. The first prosecution witness Datuk Zuki Kamaluddin testified. He
said he lodged a missing person report with the Raub district police on July
18, 1993, 16 days after Mazlan was last seen.

Sept 14, 1994:
Mazlan's widow Faridah took the witness stand. She broke down and wept as she recounted how she identified several parts of her husband's mutilated body, by his long toes and a black mark on one of them. She said she also identified his thin moustache, broad forehead, his wallet, gun,watch, shoes and telephone.

Oct 5, 1994:
Juraimi was ordered to undergo a week's psychiatric observation
at the Kuantan Hospital.

Oct 29, 1994:
Juraimi's cautioned statement was accepted at the end of a
trial-within-a-trial to determine the admissibility of his statement.

Nov 16, 1994:
Mona Fandey took the witness stand in a trial-within-a-trial
to determine the admissibility of her cautioned statement. She wept several
times as she alleged mental and physical torture during interrogations.

Nov 22, 1994:
The prosecution closed its case.
Nov 23, 1994:
The three accused ordered to enter their defence.

Nov 23, 1994:
Juraimi took the witness stand and gave a gruesome account of
how Mazlan was murdered, decapitated, chopped up and buried. I chopped his
neck three times to separate the head from the body ... I also cut Mazlan's
body into pieces before burying the remains, said Juraimi. Mazlan was lying
on the floor in the washroom face up with a flower placed on his forehead
and his eyes closed when his head was chopped off.

Nov 24, 1994:
Juraimi said he was in a hypnotic trance when he murdered
Mazlan and regretted his actions because Datuk has never done anything to
hurt my feelings. He said he was instructed by Affendy to murder Mazlan.

Jan 20, 1995: Mona Fandey chose to give a statement from the dock when she
was called to make her defence. This meant she could not be cross-examined.
She said neither she nor her husband had planned or had any intention of
causing the death of Mazlan. She lashed out at Juraimi's counsel whom she
said disbelieved her statement. She said she and Affendy were giving Mazlan
a mandi bunga when Juraimi suddenly chopped his neck.
She and her husband then changed clothes and left for Kuala Lumpur. She
claimed that they were wealthy.

Jan 27, 1995:
The defence closed its case. The last of the seven defence
witnesses, businessman Fakuradzi Yusoff, gave evidence. A total of 67
prosecution witnesses testified and 238 exhibits tendered. Over 900 pages of
evidence was recorded by the judge.

Feb 6, 1995:
Submissions by the defence.

Feb 9, 1995:
Submissions by the prosecution. Summing up by the judge. Jury
returns unanimous verdict of guilty on all three and they are sentenced to
death by the Temerloh High Court.

Oct 20, 1997:
The Court of Appeal dismissed Juraimi's application to tender
evidence on the conduct of the trial judge.

Oct 24, 1997:
The Court of Appeal dismissed appeals by the bomoh couple and
their assistant, ruling that there was no substantial miscarriage of justice
in the cases.

Nov 3, 1997:
An aide of the bomoh couple filed a notice of appeal against
the Court of Appeal's decision dismissing the appeals.

June 29, 1998:
Federal Court dismisssed appeals by the couple and their
assistant against the rejection of their applications to address evidence on
the conduct of the High Court judge who heard their case in 1995.

April 13, 1999:
They failed in their appeals when the Federal Court upheld
the conviction and sentence imposed by the Temerloh High Court in 1995,
following which they filed petitions for clemency.

March 4, 2001:
The Pahang Pardons Board rejected appeals for pardon by
Death Row prisoners Mona Fandey, Mohamed Affandi Abdul Rahman and Juraimi Hussein who were convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Pahang state assemblyman for Batu Talam Datuk Mazlan Idris.

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